Male Celebrities who love yoga

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Today marks what would have been yoga guru BKS Lyengar’s 97th birthday. Even Google Doodle has helped marked the day of the man who helped popularize yoga in the West. Even though he has passed away, Lyengar’s influence has affected some of Hollywood’s favourite men who have taken to this practice.

Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr. is known to have previously struggled with drug addiction. In 2001 he was arrested with drug charges but has overcome these addiction by practicing yoga. Now he trains daily with Vinnie Marino in power flow classes.

British comedian and author Russell Brand has wholeheartedly embraced yoga and meditation. Similar to Downey Jr., yoga has helped him overcome his drug addiction as well. Currently he does transcendental meditation and studies yoga with Kundalini master Gurmukh. He is also taking yoga teacher training courses and is hoping to open his own studio someday.

Adam Levine is known to be in tip top shape which is partially due to his yoga practice. Before every performance he takes time to practice yoga for an hour. The singer states that yoga “has given me the ability to be more focused and make better decisions that come from a clear place.”

Since his late 30’s, singer Sting has been studying Tantra, Jivamukti and Ashtanga yoga. He got his wife Trudie Styler interested in it, and now they both have a daily practice and have grown immensely in their capabilities. Sting said that, “If anything, [yoga] is reversing my aging process. I can now do things with my body that I wouldn’t even have thought possible when I was an athletic teenager”. The band also come together to do a yoga session together to help increase their cohesion.

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