Lidl bans sweets, chocolate and crisps from checkouts

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Lidl has decided to ban sweets, chocolate and crisps from its checkout counters in all 600 of their UK stores and replace them with healthy snacks.

The ground breaking decision by the supermarket follows a customer survey, and the move is in response to preferences expressed and the fact that parents’ are trying to promote healthy eating.

According to the supermarket's figures, 52% of parents found it hard to get their children to eat healthily due to the amount of snacks at supermarket checkouts, with 68% pestered by their children for chocolates and with 66% giving in to their childrens demands some or all of the time.

The research also found that seven out of ten customers would pick a sweet-free checkout over a traditional one.

This follows Lidl's successful 10 week trial last year where they replaced sweets with dried and fresh fruit, oatcakes and juices and results showed that sales went up 20%.

Lidl UK managing director Ronny Gottschlichsaid: ‘We’re committed not only to raising awareness of the importance of balanced diets and healthy lifestyles, but also to making it easier for our customers to follow them.’

‘We know how difficult it can be to say no to pester power, so by removing sweets and chocolates from our tills we can make it easier for parents to reward children in healthier ways.

‘Parents are in favor of healthier checkouts and with six in 10 households visiting Lidl at least once in the last year and five million customers a week coming through our doors, it’s important for us to meet their needs and concerns.’

The ban comes after the National Obesity Forum report warned that they underestimated obesity projections and now believe that half the UK population will be obese by 2050.

Lidl’s action will likely increase the pressure on other supermarkets to take more definitive action, and Malcolm Clark, of Children’s Food Campaign lauded the discount retailer's decision:

“We congratulate Lidl for making this move and leading the way on removing unhealthy snacks from checkouts. The onus is now on other supermarkets and retailers to follow suit; and we and the British Dietetic Association will keep up the pressure for them to do so.”

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