Regain your sight with laser eye operation

For several years now, laser eye operation has helped myopic people to say goodbye to their glasses and contact lenses. The fear for complications and the cost of the procedure are the two main factors that make people hesitate before booking an appointment with an eye specialist for their surgery.

Why should you consider laser eye operation?

The majority of people who undergo this kind of surgery do it for aesthetic reasons, but others choose to do it because it offers them the ability of engaging in different sports and improve the quality of their work, especially in occupations that require precision. Finally, many people choose to undergo surgery because they no longer support their contact lenses, often after years of wearing them.

What are the risks?

When it is done correctly, the treatment is very effective and almost risk free. In the majority of the cases, the results are consistent with the expectations. An insufficient correction can always be corrected subsequently and this is called editing. After laser surgery, (especially for myopia) some people complain of glare at night or the appearance of a veil over the cornea.

Other considerations

There is no upper age limit for getting laser eye operation, but intervention cannot be considered if your myopia is not yet stable (this generally occurs around the age of 20). The surgery is completely painless, but a slight discomfort may occur for a few days after the treatment. The cost of the procedure differs from one clinic to another, ranging from £395 to £1500 per eye.

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