Keep cholesterol low: what not to eat

The fast pace of modern life has made it arduous to find time to sit and eat a healthy meal. Most of us just grab the nearest fast food and quickly get on with our busy lives. We don’t stop to think what it is we are putting in our systems. It is, however, vitally important for your overall health and well-being that you maintain low cholesterol levels in the body. Choose the right food to eat when on the go to keep cholesterol low and what not to eat.

Fatty foods

Avoid fatty foods if you are trying to maintain low cholesterol levels. Fatty foods add bad cholesterol in the blood and increase calories in the body. Check the labels of processed food and try and steer away from items with levels of saturated fat. Although keeping some fat in your diet it okay, skip cheese fries and burger for lunch. This will help reduce cholesterol and calorie in the body.

Margarine and butter

The debate about which is better between margarine and butter rages on. However, the verdict is overwhelming that you should avoid both when you are on a low cholesterol diet. However, if you must spread your bread, choose margarine with no "trans fats" instead of butter. Nutritionists suggest that margarine may be the lesser evil compared to butter when included as spread in your menu.


Many people may not realise it, but salt actually works against you when you are trying to keep low on cholesterol. Salt raises your blood pressure and can lead to other health complications like heart diseases. While it will not be easy to eliminate salt from your diet since many of us are accustomed to eating foods high in salt levels even without our noticing, it is absolutely necessary that you cut back on salt to keep your cholesterol low. Instead of salt, use spices and herbs to bring out the natural taste of food.

Keeping cholesterol low boils down to watching what you eat and adopting a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of maintaining low cholesterol manifest as good overall health and a happier, more active life.

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