Is it good to sleep with your dog or your cat

Sharing your bed with the ones you love is great because you can keep each other warm with lots of nice cuddlesbut should you share your bed with your pets? Well, the answer to that really does depend on you, your circumstances and the type of pet you have.


Asthma suffersreally should make sure they don’t sleep in the same bed as their pets. If you’re a sufferer, make sure your pets aren’t in the same room as you when you nod off. Use a HEPA filterand then keep your dog or cat out of the bedroom to give your nose a few hours a day to recover. If you really can’t face banishing your pet, you’ll need to get allergy shots to help build up a tolerance to the loose dander that causes the allergies (that’s the stuff that sheds from the animal’s fur like skin does on a human).

No allergies

If you don’t have any allergies, sharing your bed with a cat or dog really isn’t a problem. Of course you might wake up with a furry foot in your face or a clump of shed fur in your mouth but does that really matter? Well, actually it can. Disturbed sleep is the only real issue you’ll face if you have no allergies. A recent study by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center in America showed that 53% of cat and dog owners experienced disturbed sleep thanks to their pet’s nocturnal movements and the noises they make. Perhaps your cat will purr in your face, or your dog will snore loudly enough to wake you up. Whatever the issue, insomnia can be the outcome of continued sleep deprivation thanks to your pet’s bedroom habits so think long and hard before you start sharing with your puppy or kitten.

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