Is it good to run everyday?

If you want to answer to the question: is it good to run everyday?, you probably run every day. Whether you're just keeping fit by running or preparing for a fun-run by jogging, you need to know if the hard work you're putting in each day is doing you good or causing your body harm.

Fitness levels

The answer to the question: is it good to run everyday? lies with you and the condition you're in. If you’re trying to get into shape for an upcoming fun-run, then take things slowly and ease your way in with two or three runs per week with at least one day’s rest between.

Science bit

Understanding the affect running has on your body will help you to appreciate why first-time runners need to take things slowly to begin with. When you run your body adapts so you need to give it time to make the necessary changes if you’re new to this type of exercise.

Running applies a lot of stress to the body and the body’s cells respond to this stress in a number of ways. New blood capillaries beds are created as a result of this form of exercise which helps push oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. The volume of blood produced increases and your glycogen stores also expand. Additional mitochondria and enzymes are created. Your bone cells alter and become stronger, as do your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t aware of the work going on until an injury like tendonitis or a stress fracture from over exercising appears.

Too much too soon

Demanding too much too soon from your body will lead you to an injury which is why you have to work your way up when training. Runners over the age of 40 are especially vulnerable and injuries sustained take far longer to recover from so additional caution has to be observed.

Ready to ramp it up

When you’ve worked your way in and you’re ready to increase your exercise routine, is it good to run everyday? Well the simple answer is that your body needs time to recover so running every day isn't advisable. The best way to stay in shape and exercise every day is to vary your routine by including swimming, spinning, or rowing.

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