Is it Dangerous to Eat only Protein and No Carbs?

It’s really important to eat a balanced diet of carbs, fat and protein if you are trying to lose weight. If you don’t get enough carbohydrates the body won’t get enough of the energy that it needs every day. This will lead to the body holding onto fats to reserve energy. But is it dangerous to eat only protein and no carbs?


Food like white bread, rice, pasta and processed food are full of carbs. Cutting them out of your diet is a good idea but you should replace them with pasta, brown rice and wholegrain bread.

Foods without carbs include some white and red meat, seafood like tuna, trout, herring and sardines and cheeses like cheddar, Gouda, Bleu and Mozzarella.


Proteins are an essential nutrient for the body. They are used for maintenance and growth. They are found in all cells. They are a major component of muscle cells and they are used to form blood cells.

Eggs, meat and fish are sources of protein. For vegetarians, protein can be found in seeds, fruits, whole grains, cereals and nuts.


The body is unable to retain excess protein, so eating only protein and no carbs can be harmful. For the most part, the body is able to cope with excess protein by excreting it through the liver or kidneys, but if taken too far kidney diseases can occur. Excess protein can also increase the excretion of calcium in urine and kidney stone formation from calcium in the renal circulatory system.

The British Heart Foundation recommends that people avoid low carb diets as they can lead to impaired physical performance and problems with blood pressure.

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