Is hypnosis real?

Many question if hypnosis is fake or a reality. The truth is for many years, scientists have tried to provide an explanation what happens during hypnosis. However, they cannot fully explain how hypnosis actually happens.

The theories

Watching a hypnosis session is oftentimes hilarious. You will see subjects do things that they do not normally do whether it is singing, dancing or making a speech. So what actually happens during hypnosis?

To start off, hypnosis is a state of consciousness where you have reduced 'peripheral' awareness. It is also considered an altered state of mind. You will also be highly susceptible to respond to suggestions by a hypnotist. Bear in mind that you will not do anything that you do not want to do.

What happens

When you are hypnotised, your sense of awareness and perception is heightened making you vulnerable to respond to suggestion. You are so focussed that you can actually eliminate or block out all sorts of distraction. Hence, you will be able to respond to a suggestion. It can be anything from yelling to doing things that you would not normally do. All these actions are based on the cue words from the hypnotist.

Hypnotism can be used for two purposes: therapeutic or hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis or for entertainment uses.

Some say that hypnosis will not work on everyone. There are individuals who are prone to manipulations more than others. If you are this kind of person, then hypnosis will probably work on you.

Fake or real?

Yes, hypnosis is real. It is a form of strong suggestion by a hypnotist. In no way, however, is it about control. There is nothing about suggestions that you will not do. In addition, hypnosis will work on some, but not all people as the vulnerability of each person varies.

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