Is intermittent fasting safe?

New dieting fads often hit the headlines and most of the time they are slated by nutritionists and dieticians. Intermittent fasting is a growing fad at the minute and so far it has been met with mixed reviews by professionals. There are advantages and disadvantages with intermittent fasting, and here we will have a look at these and consider whether this is a safe weight loss method.

How intermittent fasting works

Intermittent fasting usually involves repeating a two day cycle: an eating day and a day of fasting in which you will eat nothing or drastically reduce your calorie intake.

Some sources say that you are only allowed liquids on fasting days, but most people struggle to keep this up so intermittent fasting plans usually allow dieters to eat a little solid food on fasting days.


If you are considering taking up this diet plan, it is important that you understand some basic nutrition and know what your body needs to function healthily. Some people think that they can eat greasy and sugary foods for 24 hours and then eat nothing on the fasting days to balance it. It's no surprise that the diet isn’t that simple.

There are vitamins you need to consume on a daily basis, and if you eat unhealthy food or nothing at all, you will do your body damage.

Health benefits

Some professionals claim that intermittent fasting can raise metabolism and reduce blood pressure, and other health benefits have been cited too.

Most experts agree that intermittent fasting can help you lose weight. But there are important considerations to make and you will need to consider what your body needs and plan your nutrition intake accordingly.

Don't forget exercise!

Intermittent fasting should never be seen as a way to eat whatever you want without having to worry about exercise. You won't magically lose weight. You'll need to have will power and exercise is still important. But if you understand nutrition and implement the plan in a healthy way, it can be a safe way to lose weight.

Please note that you should talk to your GP before taking up this diet.

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