Ingrowing toenails: cures and useful advice

Ingrowing toenails, scientifically known as Onychocryptosis, occur when parts of a nail begin to grow into the skin and ultimately into the flesh. Symptoms of ingrowing toenails include discomfort, pulsating pain or itchiness and reddish, swollen toes. In more serious cases, there can be bacterial infection and even pus on affected parts. Ingrowing toenails cures and useful advice can help address and solve the problem.


The common cause of ingrowing toenails is cutting toenails too short and round. The correct way to cut toenails is in a straight line and not too short. This prevents the toenail from curving inwards. It is always advised to use a nail clipper to cut your nails since clippers are specially designed to clip nails properly in a straight line. Nail clippers can be bought at all leading pharmacies. Wearing shoes that are too tight and narrow is also known to worsen ingrowing toenails. So, please wear appropriate shoes that fit you well.


If the toe is not too badly inflamed, soak the affected foot in a bath of warm water with diluted soap or salt for at least 10 minutes every day. You can achieve the best results by using anti bacterial soap instead of regular soap. Soaking the affected foot in the bath helps reduce inflammation and relieves the discomfort in the toe whilst you wait for the toenail to grow beyond the point where it digs into your skin. You may also use beneficial remedies like tea tree oil, calendula cream and other antiseptic treatments.

Surgical treatment

Severe cases of ingrowing toenails may require minor surgical treatment. The minor surgical treatment will entail your doctor or specialised nurse anaesthetising the affected toe and cutting away the part of the nail that is causing the problem. This affords the skin time to heal before the toenail grows back.

If the toenail grows back and ingrowing still occurs, then perhaps you should consider removing the whole nail. Removal of the whole toenail involves your docutor destroying the nail bed and particular nail cells by chemical treatment or surgical operation. The procedure is permanent and should only be considered as a last result.

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