Do you suffer with ingrowing toenails?

The problem of ingrowing toenails is something that will affect quite a few people at some point during their lives. Ingrowing toenails can usually be identified early on by a redness, slight swelling and some mild pain in the affected area. If you miss these signs, the problem will usually escalate, with the area becoming more painful, increased swelling and white or yellow coloured discharge coming from the toe. If the problem reaches this point and you still have not received medical attention, there is a chance that the area may become infected, requiring immediate medical help and a likely course of antibiotics.

What causes ingrowing toenails?

There are a number of reasons why you may be affected with ingrowing toenails, however the most common ones include wearing footwear that is too tight fitting for your feet, incorrectly cutting your toenails, fungal infections in the toe and damage to the toe area, perhaps by walking into something, dropping something on your foot or from playing sports.

What to do if you suspect you have an ingrowing toenail?

As with any medical condition, the most important thing that you can do is seek medical advice from a trained professional as soon as you realise there might be a problem. Despite the fact that there are many helpful resources on the internet, self diagnosing and self treatment can often cause additional problems. Seeing your family GP will not only identify the problem properly, but will also ensure that you are placed on the correct medication.

How to avoid ingrowing toenails?

If you suffer from ingrowing toenails, it's worth taking a look at the shoes you are wearing. Are they too tight around the sides? This additional pressure can cause the toenails to grow inwards, damaging the toe in the process. Additionally, playing sports like football where you are continually in danger of having your foot stepped on can increase the risk of ingrowing toenails. If possible, you should search for sporting footwear that offers increased protection against this issue.

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