Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica: everything you need to know about him

If you're not already familiar with human Ken doll Justin Jedlica, then prepare to be amazed by the lengths some people will go to in their quest for they're own ideals of physical perfection! Like human Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova, Justin Jedlica has undergone countless surgeries at astronomical cost to look the best he believes he can.

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Breaking the Bank for Physical Perfection

Although known as the human Ken doll, Justin Jedlica hasn't actually modelled his look after the Mattel toy, instead he claims that his look has been inspired mainly by Japanese manga, although he also cites both Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers as major influences in his life.

In total, Justin, born August 8th, 1980, in the USA, has spent around $170,000 on plastic surgery in his bid for physical perfection. His obsession started mere days after his 18th birthday, and since then he has gone on to have a staggering 149 procedures carried out (at the last count) - although he stresses that only 19 of those procedures have been actual surgeries.

Despite the fact that you might think he would be the perfect match for human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova, the pair don't actually get along. Since they met, Justin has been known to call her his "nemesis", claiming that he doesn't understand her attempts to both look and act like a doll.

In fact, Justin is a happily married man, having tied the knot with his partner of five years in July of 2013. He claims that his husband has no problem with his obsession with plastic surgery, claiming that he is actually hugely supportive of his choices.

How Much Is Too Much?

Despite the fact that he's come in for hefty criticism from some quarters, human Ken doll Justin Jedlica claims that he's much happier having had his countless procedures.

Some might say that spending $170,000 on your appearance is a little excessive, but as a successful entrepreneur, Jedlica doesn't seem to have any issues financing his new look, and the fact that it seems to have brought him happiness, a husband and fame, it looks to have paid off.

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