How to teach a child to respect a dog

You can't afford to use trial and error to work out how to teach a child to respect a dog. As the parent you should take charge and teach your child what to do. A child who respects the family dog will also respect other dogs that could be more dangerous for him.

Step 1

Step 1 of how to teach a child to respect a dog is a simple one. Begin the training as soon as possible. Getting a toddler used to a dog is far than getting an older child to interact with a dog as you can keep the lessons simple. A simple command like “don’t touch the dog while he’s eating” and rules like “don’t hug the dog” are easy to understand and probably won’t be questioned by your little one.

Step 2

Rules like “don’t touch the dog while he’s eating” and “don’t touch the dog while he’s sleeping” should be repeated until the child understands. You shouldn’t need to explain to your kid the dangers he is putting itself into by potentially annoying the dog if he’s a toddler, but you should make a point of explaining yourself if the child’s older.

Step 3

Petting the dog can be a great way for the two of them to bond but it has to be done correctly or your child could upset the pooch. Show your kid how to do it and always suggest an open hand and a soft touch. There shouldn’t be any hair pulling or tail yanking as these things will infuriate even the mildest dog.

Step 4

Making sure that your child understands that other dogs are not like the family dog is a very important lesson. Keep telling your child not to approach dogs they don’t know and make sure that your kid doesn’t stare directly into a dog’s eyes. Also when a dog’s behind a fence, make sure your child knows not to put their hands through to pet them.

Get your child involved

Involving you kid in the dog's routine is the final step in figuring out how to teach a child to respect a dog. Even a toddler can replace the dog's bowl or hand your pet a biscuit. Your kid can also give the dog basic commands and be involved with the grooming routine.

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