How to stick posters to cement walls

Cement walls have certain limitations when it comes to hanging stuff. You cannot really hammer a nail into it and if you are just hanging posters, then you are better off using products for mounting without drilling holes. If you are wondering how to stick posters to cement walls, we discuss several tips that you can try to make decorating your dorm rooms or homes a breeze.

Tips and tricks

Here's how to stick posters to cement walls:

  • Use a double sided tape

Get a heavy duty double sided tape. 3M for instance is a good brand to buy and the company makes good products for hanging posters. Before you stick the tape on the wall, make sure that the area is free of dust and dry.

  • Pick up a sticky tack

You can get this gummy stuff from your stationery shop or the home improvement store. The great thing about it is you can reuse it several times. Hence, you can change the position of your posters without a problem. The wall is also easy to clean.

  • Glue gun

Use a glue gun to stick your posters. According to users, when you are ready to remove the posters, you just have to peel them off.

  • Duct tape

For light posters, use duct tape that can hold their weight when pinned on the wall. A word of caution though, make sure that your walls are not painted or else the paint will peel off when you remove the poster.

  • Laminate stuff

Laminated posters are also easier to hang on cement walls whether you use a glue gun or a heavy duty tape.

  • Velcro

Another suggestion is to use velcro where you easily hang your posters and boards.

Check if products are suitable for cement walls

As you can see, there are many ways how to stick posters to cement walls. If you are using store-bought hanging products, read the instructions and labels to make sure that they are suitable for walls. This is important so that when it is time to take down your decor, you won't damage the walls and you can still keep your fave poster.

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