How to save on diapers

Let us face it, the costs of diapers are on an upward trend not spiralling down. It can take a sizeable chunk of your budget if you are not careful. We suggest ways to keep your cheque books intact so you can save on diapers. Learn important tips how to save on diapers today.

How to be frugal when buying diapers

There is no simple way to say it: diapers and baby wipes cost a lot of money considering that your baby needs to be changed several times a day. Cloth diapers are an option, of course, but if you factor in the initial investment, detergent, sanitising tablets, safety pins, and your time, they will probably cost more in the long run.

Hence, learning how to save on diapers now will save you a bundle in the long run.

  • Buy in bulk

If you have the extra cash to spare, buy in bulk because the price per diaper is lower if you buy them in big quantities. Go to discount stores such as Aldi's and Poundworld.

  • Chase the discounts and stock pile

Don't throw those flyers away so you are updated on what's on sale at different stores. If there is a sale on different brands of diapers, go for them. Do not be afraid to switch brands. In addition to the interesting price, you will also know which brands or store brands are good for your babies or toddlers.

  • Apply coupons

Become a coupon hunter whether they come with the Sunday's paper or are at well-known coupon sites. Every little amount builds up translating into bigger savings.

Stretching sizes

Other things you can do to learn how to save on diapers include stretching the sizes your kids wear. For as long as your babies fit in their diapers inspite of what the package says, you are fine and will continue stashing money. Of course when there are too many leaks, then it is time to purchase a bigger size.

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