How to Reduce Fever Fast

Whether it is in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, coming down with a sudden fever can be stressful and uncomfortable for everyone involved. Here are a few helpful quick and easy remedies that will show you how to reduce a fever fast and effectively.

Various Remedies

Home Remedies

If a fever hits you while you are at home, prepare a lukewarm bath to help cool you down. Avoid taking an ice bath, cold bath, or alcohol rub as these may actually raise your core body temperature due to the shivers you will ensue. A sponge bath is another option which can be effective especially if you focus on cooling the high-heat areas such as the armpits and the groin.

For those that do not have a bath, use a wet towel on your forehead and neck to cool you down. Again, avoid using ice packs or anything that extreme.

In addition to relaxing in a bath and cooling down, make sure to rest. While it may be tempting to think that you can push through it and still get work done, in reality it will make the recovery that much slower. Sleep and let your body recover.

Make sure to stay hyderated. As the body temperature is rising, water will be lost through sweat so it is important to get fluids back in your body.

Another tip on how to reduce a fever fast is to make sure you are on a healthy diet. Get the antioxidants into you through vegetables and fruits, eat whole grains and simple foods. If it is too difficult to eat solid food, try soups, herbal teas or juices to get the nutrients into you.

If these home remedies do not seem to be helping, try over the counter medicine and see if that helps.

Final Fever Tips

Hopefully these tips on how to reduce a fever fast have been helpful. There are many other home remedies that can be found online, but if you are running a high fever for a few days that reaches 100.5 degrees fahrenheit or higher, you should definitely consider going to visit your local GP.

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