How to quit biting your nails

Nail biting is a bad habit that usually starts from childhood and is carried on to adulthood. The act of chewing nails has detrimental consequences on the health of the nails, teeth and gums. However, quitting the practice is not that easy and will probably require drastic measures. Here is how to quit biting your nails.

What you should do

Whether you bite you nails consciously or unconsciously, the fact remains that in so doing you are destroying the beauty of your hand and worse, damaging your teeth and gums. This is why we put together several tips for you to learn how to quit biting your nails.

  • Paint your nails

Painting your nails with nail polish will make them look nice and well-maintained. Hence, you might think several times before actually biting your nails destroying their perfection and throwing away money for a pricey manicure you just had. Even if you do decide to bite your manicured nails, the taste of lacquer and varnish will put you off.

  • Put a coat of nail inhibitor

Bitrex is a nail inhibitor that is a bitter substance. It is used in a variety of domestic and industrial applications. It is so bitter that you are not likely to bite your nails unless you love this type of taste, then it is better to look for alternative solutions.

  • Use adhesives on all nails

If you are encouraging children to stop biting their nails, using the above methods is not appropriate. You can however, try to put plasters on each finger for protection. Change daily or as soon as the sticky part wears off.

Substitute bad habits

Another way how to quit biting your nails is to get rid of habits associated with nail chewing. For instance, if you are watching TV and bite your nails at the same time, then you should keep your mouth and hands busy. Try eating healthy snacks or take up a hobby such as knitting or crocheting. Better still, do sports and stay outdoors.

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