How to meditate at home

Life can get busy at times with school, work, children, or just life, making the thought of finding time for meditation seem impossible. Thankfully though this does not need to be the case. Rather than needing to go to a studio and pay an instructor in order to meditate, you can learn how to meditate at home. Here are tips to get you started on rebalancing your life.

The Steps

First it is important to know why you are meditating. Are you just hoping to clear your mind from all the busy thoughts are or are you looking to “be” and really learn how to live in the present? Depending on your purpose, you can find the type of meditation you want to practice such as concentration meditation. This is where you just focus on the breath or a mantra, or perhaps the flame of the candle. The point is to work and improve your concentration. Another type is mindfulness meditation that allows you to observe and be aware of the wandering thoughts that go through your mind while you are sitting, but not delving deep into the thoughts.

Once you have decided the purpose and type of meditation you want to practice, find a space that allows you to have peace and quiet. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a quiet corner that offers you peace and quiet. Ideally the early morning is the best time to meditate as your mind is quieter and there is a smaller chance of you getting disturbed. Add candles or incense and dim the lights down.

Start by sitting on the floor cross legged in either half or full lotus position, or sit in a chair that has a straight back. Avoid laying down as you might fall asleep!

Take some deep breaths and start slowing down the breathing. This in turn will slow down your heart rate, relax your muscles, and help you focus your mind. Be aware of how your body changes shape while you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. It is easy to become distracted and then get frustrated when you are a beginner and learning how to meditate at home, but just find a routine that works for you and persist on. Ideally aim for twice a day and set aside specific times as this will help with consistency and making it a formal practice.

Meditate on

Continually learn how to meditate at home and improve your practice. There are numerous books available that offer an instructional guide and talk about the benefits of making this a daily practice. While this may be frustrating at first, keep persisting on and you will eventually reap the benefits that meditation has to offer.

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