How to make today not such a ‘Blue Monday’

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January in general can be a tough month for people as the joy of the holidays are gone but the bills still remain. The grey weather with dark short days does not help at all either. But for some reason, the third Monday of January is said to be the most depressing day of the year and has since been nicknamed, ‘Blue Monday’. While this idea started as a marketing ploy to get people spending money travelling, there is some truth to the blueness of the month.

Co-op recently published a study that revealed 26% of British people say that this is by far their loneliest month. With the credit card debts and rainy weather in full force, there is little to look forward to. But fear not, there are ways to make this month not as dire as it may seem.

Today write down Spring resolutions that you hope to do. With April not that far away it can be good to look forward to a clean start when you are feeling fresh and the weather is a bit more cheerful.

In the long winter months try and get as much sunlight as possible. While you may not have the time nor the money to go to head to a sunny destination, alter little things in your life so that you can get more natural light throughout your day. For example, try walking into work rather than driving, if it is feasible. If not, eat lunch outside or take a break during the day and go for a walk.

While you may be sick of hearing it, eating right and exercising are great ways to fight off the blues. Your diet has a massive effect on your mood and your energy levels. Having a diet based on processed foods that are high in sugar will give you different results than one based on fresh vegetables and fruit.

Remember that exercising doesn’t mean having to do Bootcamps, going to the gym every day, nor training for marathons. This can be as small as going for quick walks or taking the stairs rather than the elevators. Start from where you feel comfortable and give yourself small challenges throughout the week. You will be surprised at how thankful your body will be in the long run.

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