How to live more than 100 years

Did you know that there are some places where living to 100 is expected? Warm climate places like Sardinia, California, Costa Rica and Greece are among those in the “Blue Zone” (as scientists call it).

Secrets to survival

Avoiding stress is a major key to this but the most important thing is family. Regularly seeing your family, being important in their lives and interacting with them is of major importance if you really want to live on. It’s the basic idea of having something to live mixed with the pleasure of being with people.

No smoking

Of course this one goes without saying but don’t smoke if you want to live to 100. In the UK alone, smoking kills 100,000 people per year. At this time around 10 million people smoke. That’s a 6th of the nation’s popular, which is a major difference from the 1970s when half of the nation smoked. You probably know already everything you need to know about the harm done by smoking, but if you’re interested in finding out more, check out ash.org.uk.

Plant based diet

The third thing you need to do to get to the ripe old age of 100 is to eat a plant-based diet. This doesn’t mean that you have to become a vegetarian, but you will need to make the foundation of your meals plant-based rather than meat based. Eating a small amount of meal or refined carbs is better for you in the long run.

Low level of exercise

This one’s a strange one because people don’t expect to be told to relax but what we’re talking about here is regular exercise like walking rather than the all or nothing approach that people who go to the gym on a regular basis adopt. Getting the same level of activity a day is the best way of exercising if you want to live a long life so this means walking, gardening or doing a manual job.

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