how to kiss a girl

How's your love life at the moment? Are you planning some romantic get-together to celebrate Valentine's Day? Or are you in the early stages of a relationship, still summoming up the courage to make that all-important first move? Here's a tip: once you know how to kiss a girl properly, the rest will be plain sailing!

How to kiss a girl: the do's and don'ts

The bad news is that working out how to kiss a girl can be a minefield. Do it wrongly and you might find your phone calls going unreturned. However, by following some simple rules you'll have absolutely nothing to worry about.


The most crucial aspect of all is oral hygiene. If you must smoke, employ breath mints well in advance. A mouth reeking of nicotine or pungent food will guarantee your first kiss with that special person will be your last.

Simply lunging for her lips will appear needy. Establish a warm rapport. Get her laughing, compliment her looks, be tactile - brush her hair or touch her while you chat.

Never ask permission. For all the talk of sex equality, girls still prefer guys who can show confidence and take control of a situation.

Don't be too serious. To paraphrase a famous song, girls just want to have fun! Kissing should be easy and playful - an extension of light-hearted flirtation. (It can get more serious in due course, don't worry about that).


You'll know when you're getting a favourable response. Always maintain eye contact and keep the mood relaxed by smiling.

You can take the kiss to the next level by softly flicking your tongue around her lips and around her tongue - not by shoving it straight into her mouth!

Make sure you break off the kiss first. Keep your partner anticipating more.

Keep focused on the lips

When considering how best to kiss a girl it's important to appreciate just how sensual kissing can be. Never try and grope her butt or her breasts at the same time. There is a time and a place for taking things to the next level - but behaving like that during the initial kiss will merely make you look desperate, as if you are only looking for one thing.

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