How to identify a psychopath

Psychopathy is a personality disorder that can affect anyone. Although our idea of a psychopath is someone who kills, this is not necessarily the case. The truth is you might be living or interacting with a psychopath whether it is a friend, spouse, family or an acquaintance. Here are tips how to identify a psychopath so you will not be caught off guard.

The clues

Look for the telltale signs of what makes a psychopath. It is also advised to trust your intuition if you feel that something is not right. We share tips how to identify a psychopath by observing the behaviour and actions of the person around you.

  • Feelings of grandeur

Psychopaths believe they are smarter or more powerful than they actually are. They have illusions and feelings of grandeur.

  • Absence of guilt or remorse

There is no feeling of guilt or remorse for people who are suffering from psychopathy. They might feign a guilty conscience, but it is for the purpose of gaining trust.

  • Manipulation tactics

Watch out for manipulation tactics that may be employed to get people to do things they might not normally do.

  • Self-centred and constant need of entertainment

Psychopaths are self-centred. They are easily bored and need constant attention, stimulation and activity.

  • Devoid of compassion and sympathy

Look out for the absence of sympathy and compassion. Psychopaths are callous and cold.

  • Poor behaviour

Observe a person's behaviour such as sexual promiscuity and poor control of actions. Psychopaths are also parasites living off on other people. They are glib talkers and may seem super charming with the end objective of gaining their victims' trust and confidence.

Other signs to watch out for

Even if you know how to identify a psychopath, bear in mind that it might be difficult to distinguish between a psychopath and a sociopath. These 2 terms are often changed interchangeably, but they are not the same. Remember a psychopath is confident, dominant and has no morals. Socipaths, on the other hand, are loners and possess a sense of morality and conscience.

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