How to get rid of bloating

Ever felt that you have too much gas in your stomach? You often belch and your stomach feels big and full of air. It also feels tights and looks visibly distended. Feeling bloated is very uncomfortable because at times, it might be accompanied by pain. We tell you how to get rid of bloating symptoms which may or may not be an uncomfortable situation.

The reasons why you're inflated

There are many causes of stomach bloating, as follows:

  • Flatulence

You must remember whilst young you are told to chew your food well. That's because it must be broken down into smaller pieces that can be handled by your digestive system. Eating quickly and swallowing too much air are other reasons why you have lots of gas in your digestive system contributing to feelings of bloating.

  • Diets

If you are eating lots of things that are difficult to digest, then this can cause gas in the stomach to accumulate and the sensation of bloating kicks in. Your food intake (size) also causes bloating where the stomach feels heavy, bloated and swollen.

  • Fecal impaction

There might be underlying disorders that can cause you to bloat. For example, you might have problems going to the toilet resulting to fecal impaction that can cause bloating.

  • Presence of diseases

Bloating is a symptom as a result of a medical condition. For example, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has an impact on the large intestine and causes bloating, diarrhoea and constipation.

How to get rid of bloating symptoms

Bloating and belching are symptoms that are difficult to relieve. You can, however, try the following tips:

  • Lifestyle changes

Avoiding foods that are difficult to digest as well as rich and oily ones can reduce the sensation of bloating. This might require a bit of experiment to see which foods are actually causing belching and bloating and consequently eliminating these from your diet. Start by avoiding dairy products, maybe fresh fruits and even carbonated beverages.

  • Exercise

Movement is key to emptying your bowels regularly. If you are exercising frequently, fecal impaction is less likely to occur which is a symptom of bloating.


Taking medication to relieve symptoms of specific medical disorders such as IBS can diminish bloating. Excessive gas can also be relieved by some drugs such as simethicone whilst antacids that contain this element can help you feel better. If symptoms persist, talk to your health provider or family physician for advice how to get rid of bloating.

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