Find Out How to Exercise with a Broken Knee

If you've recently found yourself on the sidelines with knee damage it can often feel like you're never going to get yourself back fighting fit, but there are plenty of ways for you to keep fit. If you need to know how to exercise with a broken knee, then read on...

Taking Things Slowly

If you've recently suffered your injury, you'll no doubt be wondering how on earth to exercise with a broken knee, but thankfully there are a number of ways for you to keep fit while you're waiting for your injury to heal enough for you to start working on your legs again.

The most obvious is to take the opportunity to work out your upper body. Dumbells are ideal for this if you're looking for exercises to do at home, but you might also want to consider some light boxing training. While footwork is a big part of boxing, it's possible to work on the upper half of your body during this time, and it'll give you a solid cardio workout into the bargain.

If you were particularly active before your injury, it might be difficult for you to follow your doctor's orders and keep your knee free from unncessary stress and strain, but it's absolutely essential you follow your rehabilitation program to a tee.

That means no weight being put on your knee until you're told it's okay to do so and, more importantly, it means following your light exercises to strengthen the muscle around the knee before you're ready to attempt anything more strenuous.

Strengthening the Knee

Once you've been given the green light to start more physical training, you'll need to learn how to exercise with a broken knee so that you don't cause any further damage.

When you've regained basic mobility, body weight exercises are the best way to go to move yourself on to the next level. Gradually increasing the intensity and duration of your workouts will ensure that your knee has enough time to fully recover.

Low impact training should be the next step, but make sure that you're ready for it. Ask your physician for a thorough examination to confirm you won't cause yourself any problems and then consider giving swimming or treadmill walking a go.

Finally, once you've had no setbacks, you'll be able to get back into light jogging, followed by more prolonged cardiovascular exercise, and before you know it you'll be right as rain - and hopefully stronger than ever.

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