How to build self confidence

Being a confident person is very important: being confident in an interview, confident when talking to people, confident when at work, confident in speaking and being heard, confident to go for a job you want, confident to ask someone out for dinner, the list goes on and on. Being confident is a life skill, and by being confident you will also build on other important life skills. If you are not a confident person don’t worry, you can build your confidence up. Here's how to build self confidence...

Many people unfortunately are not confident about their body image. This affects both men and women, but more often women than men. Body image is a big cause of lower confidence. Many of those affected are overweight, and this can lead to lower confidence levels. They might be single and blame the reason for being single on their body image, but more likely it is because of the lack of confidence. Confidence is sexy!

You can do one of two things to break this cycle. First and probably the best thing to do is look in the mirror and see that your curves are sexy. Once you realise that you are not over weight and you use your curves to your advantage, you will walk with your head high, you will feel much more confident and when you are talking to a guy, they will pick up on your confidence.

Secondly, if you want to get rid of a bit of weight go for regular walks and take a trip to the gym once in a while. Your size will gradually drop and you will gain confidence and move you from a negative cycle to a positive cycle.

How to build self confidence simply and quickly

  • Dress sharp. Ever tried on a suit or dress that makes you feel taller? Makes you feel confident? Suits you and makes you feel more attractive? If you do, don’t put it back, buy it! Even changing the way you dress can drastically improve confidence.
  • Changing the way you walk can build confidence, if you walk slow and sluggish you won’t come across as confident, if you walk with you head up and walk a bit faster your old sluggish walk will turn into a confident strut.
  • Speak up when you are at work or doing things in a team. Don’t worry that what you are saying may sound stupid - many people will feel the same - so just start talking and you will become more confident in time.

As you can see, confidence is very important and there are many small things that you can do to build up your self confidence. These tips on how to build self confidence should help you on your way.

Remember, work on your confidence levels and you will be more ready to leave your comfort zone and go for things you normally wouldn’t. You will have a big advantage over those that don’t. In a job interview, for example, you will have no problems keeping eye contact and speaking properly and confidently - and employers will pick up on this.

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