How to avoid anorexia

Eating disorders such as anorexia are complex health issues and they may arise from a variety of causes. In order to prevent them, one needs to adopt healthy attitudes about their weight and body shape.

In order to reach a state of thinness, anorexics often go without eating. They can also do sports excessively, induce vomiting or abuse laxatives or enemas. In extreme cases, patients still think they are too plump when in reality they are only skin and bones.

How to avoid anorexia?

There is no actually a totally safe way to prevent anorexia. Family meals may influence the relationship that children develop with food and they may have a protective effect on the onset of eating disorders.This is the moment to pass healthy eating habits, to discuss with your children and enjoy a relaxing time with the entire family. Moreover, if a child has symptoms of anxiety or depression, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Treatment options

Anorexia can be a chronic and difficult to cure eating disorder. With early treatment however, people can embrace better lifestyle habits and reverse some of the complications of anorexia. Different types of treatments may be needed. If life is in immediate danger, emergency hospitalization may be essential. Otherwise, the treatment of anorexia is usually done by an experienced multidisciplinary team consisting mainly of doctors, mental health specialists and nutritionists. Individual or family psychotherapy can often be beneficial.

Anorexia is like a real drug that may gradually the whole life of a person around this obsession. People are often faced with the disease throughout their lives. Even if the symptoms disappear, stress or other factors can trigger new episodes. If you're worried about the health of a person in your life, share your concerns with them and encourage them to consult her doctor.

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