How to ask for Adderall

Adderall is a medication that can only be obtained from the chemist if you have a valid prescription from a licensed doctor. It is used to treat those suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). The disorder affects both children and adults. If you believe that you have ADHD, read on how to ask for Adderall that can provide symptom relief.

ADHD and treatment

ADHD affects the central nervous system and if you think you have it, check out the symptoms below. People with the disorder are:

  • easily distracted from tasks they are currently doing
  • unable to focus for a long time to complete tasks
  • impatient
  • fidget a lot
  • disorganised and forget stuff
  • not able to notice details
  • not able to cope in social situations because they have difficulties staying on track with topics

If you think that the above symptoms are so severe that it affects your daily life and productivity, then it is time to talk to a doctor. Discuss your symptoms honestly. If you just want to learn how to ask for Adderall by being dishonest with yourself, then this is not the way to go.

Everyone has trouble focusing from time to time especially with boring tasks and if your mind constantly wanders off, there are several ways you can improve concentration without resorting to medication. Exercising for example, can help you focus on something and improve your ability to concetrate on tasks at hand.

In effect, there is a big difference to asking medication for someone who actually needs it because it affects the way he/she functions in society as opposed to a person who just wants medication.

A psychiatrist can prescribe your medication

After making sure that your ADHD symptoms are severe, get an appointment with a psychiatrist to discuss your case. The doctor will discuss your symptoms and ask if you have been experiencing these for a long time since it is believed that sufferers are born with it. As part of knowing how to ask for Adderall, do not blurt out you want this medication. Wait for the doctor to prescribe it. Follow directions and do not give this medication to others as it might have a negative impact on their health.

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