A great home workout for your abs

You can use simple and effective techniques at your own home to work out your abs. It isn’t rocket science to strengthen and tone your abs, but even with crunches you can injure yourself if you don’t learn the correct technique. Plus that home workout our on your abs will not be as effective if you don’t use correct techniques.

Simple home workout for your abs


  • When doing crunches, lie flat on your back with your knees bent, your feet flat on the floor and have them positioned as wide as your hips.
  • Be sure not to pull your head up with your hands, this can cause injury and also if you notice your chin going towards your chest, your abdominals will not be worked as affectively as they should.
  • Place your hands behind your ears and lift your head, neck and shoulder blades off the floor and pause for a second and tense your abdominal muscles. Then slowly return back to starting position.

It is a good idea to buy an exercise mat for these but by no means essential. A good idea when starting off is to do as many as you can do, then set yourself a goal to improve on that and set individual targets to reach the goal in a set amount of time. This will give you drive and motivation to keep it up.

Plank position

Another good exercise for beginners is the plank position.

  • Put yourself in the sit up position but have your forearms on the ground, instead of just your hands.
  • Keep yourself in as straight of a line as possible, remain stationary and tense your abs.
  • You can then do the same thing on your side, and work out each side.

Doing a home workout for your abs is very simple. You don’t need any expensive machinery, all you need is a little room and motivation to do it. Set yourself targets - this will help increase motivation. It is important to get the technique right and there are many videos you can find online of the correct technique so be sure to check them out too.

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