Easy home remedies for mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are uncomfortable and often painful. They come about as a result of many factors and reasons. If your sores are bothering and giving you problems, we tell you some home remedies for mouth ulcers. The aim is to keep you as comfortable as possible without resorting to pharmaceutical medications, if not needed.

What can be done

Mouth ulcers are downright annoying and uncomfortable. They are also indications of underlying problems such as fatigue, overworking and stress. In other cases, they are caused by problems of the teeth or other health issues such as inflammatory bowel diseases or allergies. They can also indicate deficiency of iron. To determine these causes, blood tests should be carried out.


These mouth ulcers appear alone or as a group. Red in colour, the centre has a yellowish speck. They measure around one centimetre in diameter.

Home remedies for mouth ulcers

There is no need to rush to the doctor the moment you develop mouth ulcers. Home treatment can be done.

  • Relieve pain by sucking on zinc or vitamin c lozenge. This should be done every two hours.
  • Make a paste comprised of bicarbonate of soda mixed with a little water. Apply this on the affected area.
  • For minor irritations on the inside cheek of the mouth or braces, devour cooling fruits such as watermelons, cucumber or lettuce. Try frozen yoghurt or smoothies.

Preventing mouth ulcers

If you are prone to mouth ulcers, you might want to improve your immune system by doing the following.

  • Take vitamin supplements such as A, C and zinc.
  • Folic acid and thiamine are also great at healing and even preventing mouth ulcers.
  • There are also natural plants that are healing and boost your immune system such as Echinacea and wild indigo.

Lifestyle changes

In addition to several home remedies for mouth ulcers mentioned above, there are other things you can do to prevent future outbreaks. For example, if your sores are triggered by stress, you might want to eliminate this by changing lifestyles. Try yoga, meditation and other types of physical activity that can make you relax and take your mind off things.

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