Home remedies for back pain

If your lower back is giving you problems and you are tired of taking over the counter medications, consider easy home remedies for back pain. Who knows? These simple cures might be all you need to alleviate the intensity of the pain. Why pop pills or resort to medications at the slightest hint of discomfort?

What you can do

There are several home remedies for back pain that you can do to reduce soreness:

  • Apply an icepack

A cold icepack is a great pain reliever. Hence, if you have a back ache, get an ice pack from your freezer and apply it on the sore area. It will help reduce pain and swelling by numbing the area.

  • Use a hot towel

You can also apply heat on your back. Dip a towel in warm or hot water and put it on your back. Or you can use a hot compress and apply it on your back. Repeat the process several times a day or for as long as there is pain.

  • Get creams for the back

You can buy creams for your back pain from the drug store. Apply as directed on the leaflet insert.

  • Ask for a massage

Perhaps you can also request your partner or spouse to massage your aching back. You can use massage rollers that you can buy at a store. If you want to be creative, stuff a couple of tennis balls inside a sock and use it as a roller.

  • Improve your posture

Your posture is also important if you were to relieve pain on your lower back. Do not slouch even if you have the tendency to do so whilst working or watching television. Find the position you are most comfortable in and maintain this whilst walking, standing or sitting.

Natural boosters

Other home remedies for back pain include use of natural supplements. In place of taking ibuprofen, NSAIDs or other pain relief drugs, you can try bromelain (from pineapples) or valerian. These natural remedies are available in easy to take capsules and can help reduce pain. It is also possible to find a product from your drug store that contains capsaicin which is great in depleting nerves and numbing back pain.

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