Pack your kids healthier lunch boxes!

All parents know how tough it can be to get your kids to eat healthier. There's so much temptation from junk food advertisers and product placements that it can sometimes feel like you're fighting a losing battle. Packing healthier lunch boxes can be a simple but effective way to improve their diets.

Lunch boxes are a great way to introduce healthier foods because you'll have more control over what the kids are eating - they can't simply raid the cupboards for a snack.

Here are some great tips for packing healthier lunch boxes...

Think wholegrain: One of the simplest things you can do is to substitute white bread with healthy brown bread. If the kids resist, try to phase in brown bread gradually by using one of those 50/50 loaves. They probably won't even notice the difference.

Three portions of fruit and veg: Three portions of fruit and veg might sound like a lot to fit into a lunch box. However, there are sneaky ways to introduce them. Pure fruit juice or a smoothie can count as one portion of fruit or veg, as can dried fruit like a packet of raisins. If they're reluctant to eat dried fruit, compromise with something a little more tempting like chocolate or yoghurt covered raisins. That just leaves one portion of fruit or veg to add - a small banana, an apple, a pair, a branch of grapes, a tub of berries could all suffice. Or try to sneak in some veg by making carrot sticks with a tasty dip.

Beware of sugary drinks - Don't give in to fizzy drinks. For healthier lunch boxes, pack a bottle of pure fruit juice or smoothie and a flask of water or low-sugar dilutable juice.

A touch of dairy - A low-sugar yoghurt or some low-fat cheese strings or slices is a good way to create a well balanced lunch box.

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