Simple steps for a healthier lunch

If you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, lunch is a great place to start. A few simple changes to your lunch habits can make a huge difference to your diet, nutrition and overall health. Here are some simple and practical tips you can take for a healthier lunch.

How to make your lunch healthier

Pack your own

It can be tempting to buy lunch everyday, particularly if you work close to shops or cafes. However it's usually a much healthier option to bring your own. Not only will you be able to tailor-make a healthy lunch that you like, but you'll be more likely to eat the healthy option than you would if you were in a cafe faced with lots of other tasty and tempting choices.

Plan ahead

You can create a healthier lunch by putting a little thought into it the night before. This will avoid a rush in the morning to throw together whatever's in the fridge. Consider making soup or a salad from scratch - this way there will be no unhealthy additives and you'll know exactly what has gone into it.

Sweet tooth?

If you simply must indulge your sweet tooth at lunch time, consider making a healthier choice. A frozen low fat yoghurt is almost as good as ice cream, while a couple of squares of rich dark chocolate can keep cravings at bay. Hot chocolate made with skimmed milk is a low fat alternative to a chocolate bar.


If you snack between meals, pack some fruit (fresh or dried) and unsalted nuts to nibble on.

Even quicker changes for a healthier lunch...

  • Ditch the white bread or roll for a wholemeal or wholegrain option
  • Use a low fat spread instead of butter
  • Add some extra salad to your sandwiches
  • Swap that coffee for a tea - both green and black varieties are packed with antioxidants
  • Drink water or natural juice rather than a fizzy drink

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