Hay Fever Treatment: Top Natural Remedies

When spring comes around the pollen count usually sky rockets, which can be a problem for hay fever sufferers. Normal anti-allergens and medication can be quite costly, or might not agree with the rest of your system; luckily, there are a few hay fever treatment that are natural and shouldn't give you any adverse side effects.


Most of us by antihistamine tablets from the pharmarcy, but antihistamine properties can also be found in food. One hay fever treatment is natural from onions, which contains the natural antihistamine Quercetin found in most vegetables and fruits. To absorb the most potent antihistamine properties, peel the outer layer first.


Studies have shown that people who exercise more have relieved symptoms of hay fever. It's recommended that you exercise at least five half-hour sessions per week the reap the full benefits and clear clogged pores or sinuses.

Cucumber Slices

If the pollen is making your eyes twitch and swell, cucumber slices are a good hay fever natural remedy which helps neutralize pollen on the skin and wash it out of eyes. It's also effective at relieving itchiness caused by other ailments, such as nettle stings.

Block the Nose

Most hay fever symptoms come from a reaction to pollen, hence why a high pollen count usually means a bout of hay fever is due. When pollen enters through the nose it causes inflammation of the sinuses, contributing to the most common hay fever symptoms. To reduce pollen entering the nose and irritating sinuses, line your nostrils with vaseline.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids can sometimes work to reduce inflammatory chemicals produced in the body following exposure to allergens. For people with hay fever, this can be particularly useful in relieving the majority of hay fever symptoms. A diet high in omega-3 fatty acids, before and during the high fever season, can help reduce symptoms.

Seeking Medical Advice

You should always speak to your doctor or a qualified medical professional in the first instance for help relieving allergy symptoms. Your doctor may also recommended hay fever treatment through natural sources, either by directing you to a herbologist or offering suggested changes to make to your diet and lifestyle.

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