Starting off with the Hairy Bikers diet

Si King and Dave Myers are better known to most as the Hairy Bikers. They are regularly on our screens giving recipes for mouth-watering, proper food. But after discovering that Si had a body fat percentage of 42% and Dave had a body fat percentage of 38% they decided the Hairy Bikers should go on a diet.

The Hairy Bikers approached Newcastle University because of its research into reversing Type 2 diabetes. They ended up on a six month programme to lose weight.

Newcastle University Professor Roy Taylor and Professor Ashley Adamson advised them along their weight loss journey. After the six months they had lost three stone each.

Ashley Adamson said that over 60% of men are overweight but that is not reflected in people attending weight loss groups, where it is largely dominated by women (they make up around 90%). She said there are many men in the same situation but they lack the support networks that these groups provide.

Their book (The Hairy Dieters: How to love food and lose weight) knocked off 50 Shades of Grey at the top spot of Amazon UK sales. It takes you through the journey of the Hairy Bikers diet, why they did it and how they did it, and includes many ideas for food that tastes great but is still good for you.

Their journey was much more than coming up with healthy recipes, and hopefully people will be inspired by what they did and consider doing the same themselves. Losing weight doesn’t have to be nothing but exercise and rabbit food, and the hairy dieters have shown that.

The Hairy Bikers diet book talks readers through their journey of losing weight and is available now from online retailers and major book stores across the UK. You can buy it on Amazon for around £8. It has received great reviews so far, so if you would like to eat good food and lose weight it might be worth a look!

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