Tips for the prevention of hair loss

For many people hair is the one part of the body that is treasured and cherished the most. However, loss and thinning is a prevalent issue faced by many, therefore the right steps should be taken in order to prevent it.

Naturally, not everybody loses their hair as they grow older, but it is common knowledge that its strength diminishes and it gradually begins to look less impressive than when we are in our 20s. It is a fact of evolution that hair goes grey, thins out and may begin to shed as we age. Fortunately, help is at hand and there are ways that assist in the prevention of hair loss.

Health advice

Although obvious, the single most important factor is to look after your hair. Make sure to wash it regularly, at least every other day and with a suitable product. Massaging shampoo into the scalp will provide healthy and shiny hair. However, do not over wash it as the chemicals can be harmful.

Personal lifestyle

Hair is known to grow and increase in strength whilst we sleep, therefore it is fundamental to sleep well each and every night. With seven hours or more of sleep, hair is given the opportunity to grow and repair itself. In addition, try to minimise the stress in your life as there are links to hair loss.

Importance of diet

Strong and healthy looking hair requires protein and iron, therefore choosing the right diet is vital. These are present in red meats, nuts and eggs, as well in fish and poultry. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and drinking plenty of water will also assist in maintaining the hair you wish for. Moreover, products like garlic and onions, which contain sulphur, help to improve the thickness of hair and strengthen roots.

Pills and potions

The search for one unique cure for preventing hair loss is an on going sage and an abundance of treatments, including old wives tales, and solutions are continually being promoted. Certain pills have proven to be successful in the prevention and, on some occasions, even re-started growth. Unfortunately however these cases are limited and for those suffering from extreme hair loss the probability is small.

The future and dealing with hair loss

These are some preventive measure that we can all benefit from in the quest to keep our hair for as long as possible. Nevertheless should you continue to experience hair loss, all is not lost as other solutions such as transplant surgeries do exist. To find out more arrange a consultation with your GP.

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