Maximizing Gym Workouts to Lose Weight

If you've been slogging away with gym workouts designed to lose weight but haven't seen any results yet, you may need to think about ways to maximize your current routine and get optimum results from each workout. Most cardio, toning and weight lifting exercises can help you lose weight - some more than others - so you'll just have to keep an eye on avoiding common mistakes more than changing your routine.

Treadmill Routine

If you use the treadmill as one of your main gym workouts to lose weight, consider changing your pace and distance during treadmill exercises. Use inclines occassionally, switch pace often, mix intreval training sessions with long runs and optimise your workout with a running plan aimed to confuse your muscles.

Exercise Bike Routine

To see the best results from the exercise bike and get your body into the 'fat burning zone', you'll need to cycle at the same speed and intensity for at least 30 minutes. However, to push your body into fat burning mode, focus on switching intensities, in the same way you would with a treadmill routine. Introduce intreval training, play with resistance and intensities and concentrate on speeding up your pace when the going gets tooeasy.

Weight Routine

Weight training is an excellet addition to any weight loss routine as it tones the muscles and body. However, you need to ensure you increase the amount of weight you lift at least every two weeks. If you're a veteran lifter and looking to drop a few more pounds, lift 25% heavier than your normal weights. This simply pushes your muscles harder and, if you perform weight lifting exercises before your work out, you might find your weight lose routine is more effective.

Cardio and Diet

Gym workouts to lose weight ideally focus on cardio exercises to burn the most fat, but cardio exercises are only considered cardio when they're high intensity - that is, when your heart is pounding and you're really pushing yourself. The above exercises are only effective if you're pushing yourself, like any weight loss exericse. Equally important is your diet - it's not just about burning off more than you eat, it's also about providing your body with the right nutrition to repair muscles and promote healthy weight loss. Consider contacting a personal training or dietician at your local gym for advice on the correct dietary plan for optimum weight loss.

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