How much does genetic testing cost?

Genetic testing is done to fulfill various purposes. It can serve as a diagnostic tool to determine if you have a genetic disorder. The appropriate steps can be taken to address the symptoms of these diseases. Genetic testing can also be used to identify if you are a potential carrier of a hereditary disease such as sickle cell anaemia. However, these tests entail an expense and for this reason, we tell you how much does genetic testing cost if you need to do the procedure whether it's to determine paternity or identify possible diseases.


Before you can get a genetic test done, here are steps that you should follow:

1. Get a referral from your general practitioner who can refer you to a specialist clinic such as Clinical Genetics.

There are also instances where genetic testing is ordered by your doctor if you are prone to inherit a particular disease and might even be experiencing the symptoms.

2. Once this is done, you can go the laboratory where a blood sample will be drawn for analysis and genetic testing. The blood carries DNA and chromosomes which will be used as bases in the analyses.

How much does genetic testing cost?

In the UK, genetic testing can be covered by the NHS, but this is not always the case. Examples of these cases include screening tests for newborns, cancer testing for patients and other potential diseases that can be inherited. At the moment, DNA tests to determine paternity are not eligible for NHS funding. Hence, it is always better to consult the NHS to see if you have to cover part or the entire cost. When it is ordered by your GP, the cost of genetic testing is usually covered by the NHS. In the US, genetic testing can cost anywhere from $100 to $2,000 depending on the complexity of the procedure that needs to be done.

Who covers the cost of genetic testing

If you need to determine how much genetic testing cost, get in touch with your insurance provider to check what expense can or cannot be covered. It probably would not matter if there is a small sum involved and you are willing to pay the price. But, if you need extensive genetic testing procedures, it will be wise to ask for the approval of your health insurance provider.

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