Foods that are bad for your skin

We love our skin. That's why it is good idea to defend it against external agents but mainly from the internal ones, such as foods that can worsen its appearance, and as the old saying goes, you are what you eat.

So what type of foods can worsen the appearance of our skin?

Every age bracket has its own skin problems. When we’re young teenagers we struggle with pimples and black heads, and in worse cases with acne, that are all symptoms of hormonal changes that our body experiences during adolescence, and when we start to grow older we begin to have problems with fine lines and wrinkles, but did you know that there are foods that can worsen your skin's appearance?

Let's see what foods are not good for your skin:

Salt and salty foods (and that includes food products with sodium glutamate) that not only heightens your risk of high blood pressure and fluid retention in your abdomen, lower legs and other critical points, but it also stagnates in your face causing swelling in the substrate, making your skin look tired and weary. The skin around the eyes takes the worst beating as it accents the dark circles underneath the very thin skin of your eyes.

Sugar packed food, that have high glycemic index that causes fluctuations in the blood sugar and leads to excess secretion of insulin and androgens. What problems do they create? Firstly acne. In fact, sufferers should change their diet, preferring slow release carbohydrates to simple ones. But even mature women should limit the intake of sugar, as high levels of glucose in the blood sugar damages the collagen and elastin, the two fibers that keep your skin firm and youthful, causing it to become dry which leads to premature wrinkles and sagging.

Foods high in fat or fried and this is nothing new. Abusing greasy and friedfoods brings consequences in a short period of time. The liver has to work harder and the skin immediately shows tension, redness and and clogs your pores and depletes your skin of oxygen, leading to breakouts and also damages your skin's free radicals which leads to premature ageing.

Alcohol. It is not that one-off glass of wine that can create problems, but rather consuming alcohol on a daily basis . Alcohol is a vasodilator and has the power to dehydrate cell and skin tissues, depleting the water reserves in our skin and keeping your body and skin hydrated goes hand in hand with beauty.

Carbonated soft drinks. The combination of caffeine and sugar acts as diuretic and dehydrates the skin.

These are some of the foods you should avoid, but the golden rule is to avoid excesses and have a healthy and varied diet and your skin will thank you for many years


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