Floating things in eyes explained

The floating things in your eyes might look like flies when they come across your vision but don’t be fooled into thinking that they’re alive. That’s the mistake that a lot of people make and the reason they freak out when they see them. These things are transparent flies or transparent worms swimming across your vision. They’re something far less interesting in fact.


Look at the sun

When you look at the sun you see them far clearer don’t you? Well, these things which have the Latin name of Muscae Volitantes (which actually means flying flies) are nothing to be worried about. They’re not bugs at all. All they are in very tiny pieces of red blood cells or protein that exist within your eyeballs. They’re not alive but they do cast a shadow on your retina which is what creates the “floating worms” effect.


As you can see from the diagram presented here, there are lots of different parts of the eyeball that can become loose and cause this issue. Fluid pockets, retinal tissue or fragments of the retina itself can begin to float across your vision.

How to get rid of Muscae Volitantes

They seem to appear from nowhere but they don’t necessarily disappear without assistance. You can cure them naturally by following this advice. If you drink the juice of the following, you’ll get rid of them. You’ll need garlic, thyme, beets, carrots, celery, parsnip, apple and raspberries all mixed up and blended into a juice.

Another technique

If you don’t fancy drinking that stuff, you can get rid of floaters with some exercise. To begin concentrate the eye on an object held at arm’s length. While concentrating on it move that object towards you until it’s around 6 inches away. You’ll then need to repeat this around 10 times.

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