How to get a flat tummy fast

As you might expect, there are two main strategies to getting a flat tummy: diet and exercise. With a few easy changes in your daily routine, you should begin to see the results within one month. Our simple guide will help you to blast the flab and get toned up fast!

Diet for a flat stomach

It's harder to see the results of exercise under excess stored fat, so if you want to get a flat tummy fast you're going to have to eat healthily. You don't necessarily have to go on a diet or count calories - simply replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods should be sufficient if you're already in decent shape.

In particular, the following diet changes are beneficial for achieving a flat tummy:

  • Where possible, eat fruit and veg raw. Raw food has a higher nutritional value and takes longer to digest, resulting in a more even absorption rate. Some of the best raw foods are carrots, celery, berries, pears, tomatoes and broccoli.
  • Try to eat more frequent, smaller portions of food rather than a couple of large servings. Again, this will avoid any spikes or drops in sugar level.
  • Try to eat lots of lean protein, including beans, nuts and whole grain.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks. Replace sugary drinks with water.

Exercise for a flat stomach

Aerobic exercise: Aim to do aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes five days per week. Cardio training will help to burn fat and improve circulation, resulting in a flatter tummy.

Strength training: Strength training will improve your overall muscle tone and increase your metabolism.

Resistance training: Resistance training (like weight lifting) will help you to burn fat more efficiently, resulting in a flat tummy.

Plyometrics: Plyometrics are exercises that require bursts of energy and are great for toning up and burning fat.

Top exercises to work your abdominal region include:

  • Stomach crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Side bends

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