Famous people who have suffered with bulimia

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78-year old fitness guru Jane Fonda recently revealed that pressure for perfectionism from her father led her into developing eating disorders, specifically bulimia. Unfortunately this is all too common and usually affects women around the ages of 16-40. Many that struggle with bulimia have perfectionistic tendencies, a low self-esteem and are criticized about their weight, or are lonely and find comfort in food.

This is a disorder that can affect male or female, well-known or unknown, young and old. One of the many celebrities that struggled with this was Princess Diana. It was revealed in the 90’s that after her wedding she felt the media pressure which led her to depression and binging and purging daily. This went on from 1981 through much of the 80’s, but eventually she received treatment and was very open about the struggle which helped open up the discussion about the serious eating disorder.

American Idol judge Paula Abdul also struggled with this for 17 years. It started when she was 15 and at a dance camp where all the other girls were making themselves vomit as a way to keep off the weight. She continued this for years and eventually realized she was using this as a way to not only stay thin but to suppress her feelings. In the 90’s she became more public about her struggles and in 1994 she checked herself into a month long treatment.

This is not something that only women suffer from though. Music legend Sir Elton John was at one time dealing with cocaine addiction and bulimia simultaneously. After struggling with it for 16 years, in 1990 he admitted himself into a clinic in Chicago where he found the help he needed. He has been an inspiration for many, especially men, and has had many public conversations about this eating disorder.

Russell Brand, the comedian, actor, TV host and activist has had his fair share of ups and downs over the past years. When he was around 11 he started binge eating and purging and also suffered from depression, bipolar disorder and OCD. He also found help and has continued on the healthy path.

Other famous people who have struggled with bulimia are Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Audrey Hepburn, Sally Field, Kelly Clarkson, Lily Allen, Lady Gaga and many more. While this is a difficult disorder to notice as one can maintain a normal body weight while being bulimic, many people suffer from it and is important to discuss.

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