Eyebrow lifting: Pros and cons

Endoscopic forehead lifting, also referred to as eyebrow lift, is a minor surgical procedure that involves making small surgical incisions around the hairline to reduce creases that form across the forehead above the nose.

The procedure works by pulling back and repositioning skin tissues to correct lines and furrow in the forehead, thereby giving you a smooth, more youthful appearance. Different from minimally-invasive surgical proceedures and skin rejuvenation treatments, eyebrow lifting is permanent.

If you have inherent conditions like furrowed lines above the bridge of the nose or a set of low or heavy brows, then you may be a good candidate for endoscopic forehead lifting. However, before you make the decision to undergo the procedure, it is important that you understand eyebrow lifting: Pros and cons.

The pros

  • Reduces frown lines, wrinkles and other signs of agng in the forehead and brow
  • Instantly replaces a tired, old or angry facial expression with a softer, more gental look
  • Restores damaged skin tone into a beautiful, smooth and more youthful state
  • Causes minimal skin bruising and swelling
  • Incision sites are rarely noticeable when the scars heal completely
  • Brings an overall feeling of wellness and sense of good health and youthfulness
  • Procedure can be enhance with filler and Botox to achieve exact results
  • Skin heals and recovers quickly

The cons

  • There is a risk of injury to the area around the eyes
  • Reactions to anaesthesia may be adverse
  • Temporary loss of sensation and numbness around incision sites
  • About a week of rest from every day activities required for recovery


If the eyebrow lifting procedure is unsuccessful, then additional surgery may be necessary. This means more incisions and time to recover may be required. Consult a qualified plastic surgeon – board-certified – to get a detailed explanation of how the procedure works, as well as a full list of eyebrow lifting pros and cons.

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