Suggestions for reducing eye strain

Often times the jobs we have cause us eye strain. If you work on tiny items such as jewellery repair or fix watches, you may encounter eye strain. Anyone who typically works on a personal computer for hours at a time is also a good candidate for blurred vision, eye fatigue or pain. Learn how you could reduce the symptoms of eye strain.

Preventing eye strain

Lights, task work, lack of sleep or computer work can all cause eye strain in one form or another. Each individual should learn to recognise his or her symptoms and take appropriate action to prevent eye fatigue. Installing task lighting, reducing monitor glare, taking breaks and using eye drops can all diminish the effects of eye strain.

Task lighting

Make sure you have good lighting in your work area. Ideally, lighting should focus directly on your paperwork or the item you are working on or trying to see. If possible, install a task light to move the light into the best position for your field of vision.

Monitor glare

Glare on a computer monitor often causes eye fatigue especially after working on a computer for several hours. Try to position your desktop or laptop in the best position to reduce glare. Adjust drapes or mini-blinds in the room for less glare. Consider purchasing an anti-glare filter for your monitor to reduce screen reflections and glare.

Taking breaks for eye fatigue

One of the best ways to reduce eye strain is to take frequent breaks from what you are working on. For instance, if you work at a computer, focus on anything else in the room for 30 seconds. Standing up and walking away from the computer or object that is causing eye fatigue for just a couple of minutes can provide immediate relief.

Eye drops

Look for over the counter eye drops to moisten and refresh eyes.

Eye exam

Get an eye exam every two years to identify whether you need contacts or glasses. If you are currently experiencing eye strain, contact your eye doctor immediately. Your doctor can determine if you need new glasses and make recommendations for your specific condition and offer eye strain solutions. Some individuals who are 40 or older may benefit from special glasses designed for computer work.

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