Benefits of using ergonomics in the workplace

Today, many folks are employed in offices and it is not uncommon to hear complaints about back ailments and neck problems. These physical complaints may be directly related to office ergonomics. When office work areas, chairs, desks, lighting and equipment are poorly designed or difficult for employees to use, you may find them developing a wide range of symptoms. Discover how employees and employers benefit from ergonomics at the workplace.


Using good ergonomic practices and furniture can reduce absenteeism and prevent injuries to employees. By placing work surfaces at the proper height, providing adequate lighting, adjustable chairs and making computers easy to reach, ergonomics helps everyone in the office.


Many people experience eye pain, soreness and even headaches when working in an area with poor lighting or have difficulty viewing their computer monitors.

You can reduce eyestrain for most employees by positioning the monitor a suitable distance from the employee for proper viewing. Adding inexpensive task lighting usually reduces eyestrain. Fitting computers with monitor screens is another option to reduce glare and eye fatigue.

Relieving neck and back pain

New ergonomic desk chairs can work wonders in reducing back and neck pain for office workers. Chairs come in a variety of sizes, colours, fabrics, styles and many features.

Because each person is a different size, height and weight, you should consider adjustable ergonomic chairs that allow for critical lower back support, adjusting seat height and reducing strain on the neck and arms.

Tendon inflammation

Office workers may suffer from repetitive motions using the keyboard and mouse. Special ergonomic keyboards and mouse pads help to lessen tendon inflammation and may prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Benefits of ergonomics

Ergonomics is a way of looking at each workstation and making sure it fits the needs of each individual. Some workers may benefit from higher desks, ergonomically adjusted chairs or improved lighting. As an employer, you personally benefit when employees work in a healthy environment. After making ergonomic adjustments, you may also benefit with higher morale and less absenteeism.

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