England to ban e-cigarettes to minors

The English government is going to put a ban on the sale of E-cigarettes to under 18-year olds and it will also become illegal for adults to buy traditional cigarettes for the underage.

The law prohibiting the sale will be introduced in Parliament as an amendment to the Children and Families Bill and is expected be in force by fall.

Adults caught breaking the law could be given a £50 a fixed penalty notice or fined up to £2,500.

England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies cited the uncertainty about the long-term health implications of smoking e-cigarettes.

"We do not yet know the harm that e-cigarettes can cause to adults let alone to children, but we do know they are not risk- free," she said in a statement.

Davies also added that e-cigarettes can produce toxic chemicals and that variations in the strength of the nicotine solutions between different products meaning that they could end up being "extremely damaging" to young people's health.

E-cigarettes have grown in popularity (the global market last year was more than $2 billion) because they are seen asless harmful than regular cigarettes and designed to help smokers quit.

Many health experts however are concerned thate-cigarettes could lead to nicotine addiction and that more research is needed to determine the long term impact on health.

Public Health Minister and Conservative MP Jane Ellison said: "Two thirds of smokers say they smoked regularly before they were 18, showing that this is an addiction largely taken up in childhood.

"We must do all we can to help children lead a healthy life. That's why this measure is designed to help protect children from the dangers of being bought cigarettes by irresponsible adults - something that I hope concerned parents and responsible retailers will welcome."

Smoking remains one of the biggest causes of death and illness in the UK.

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