Eating insects: are there benefits?

Creepy crawlies and flying insects might be a horrifying sight for you, but they are part of the ecosystem. Even though insects are mostly considered pests and annoyances, harvesting them to serve on the table has lately been a growing trend. This is because eating insects have health benefits. We enumerate how including them in your diet can actually help improve your well-being.

What you can get out of insects

There are lots of cultures in the world where eating insects is part of the tradition. The practice of consuming insects is considered efficient and sustainable. More importantly, eating insects have health benefits for you, as follows:

  • Insects are loaded with proteins and vitamins

Imagine eating crickets, caterpillars and all sorts of bugs. If you are looking for a high protein diet, have caterpillars for your next meal. You will get 28 grammes of protein for every 100 grammes. In addition, you will get vitamins B1 and B3. For a low carbs diet, try silk worms or termites. These insects do not have carbs, but are rich in protein and calories. Another great insect meal are crickets. For example, eating a hundred grammes of cricket will only cost you 121 calories. A house fly has 19.7 grammes of protein and 80.6 of magnesium.

  • Good sources of essential fatty acids and calcium

Many insects are excellent sources of essential fatty acids including omega-3s. In this group, you can count crickets, ants, caterpillars and grasshoppers as good sources of calcium

  • Rich in vitamin B12

B12, as most of us know, can only be found in animals. Instead of getting your B12 from animal sources, why not try insects? Crickets and cockroach nymphs are highly recommended as sources of B12.

Where to get insects

Although eating insects have benefits, you cannot just harvest the ones that you find in your backyard or home. The main reason is these insects are probably loaded with pesticides that are more harmful than beneficial to your diet. Instead, get your provisions from insect farms online or offline. Also, you can try to grow these insects and bugs yourself so you are assured you have a clean and healthy supply of creepy crawlers for your insect meals.

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