Why e-cigarettes are better for the environment than smoking

If your health wasn’t enough of a reason to try and quit smoking, perhaps saving the environment is! As consumerism in the 21st century, we have a responsibility to be mindful of our purchasing patterns and how that has an effect on the environment. Below are a few examples of how consuming the best vape e-liquid will be a greener alternative to smoking.


The estimated global waste in 2014 from smoking was around 1.7 billion pounds - most of which was at the fault of filters. You only have to walk down a busy high street in the UK to see them dotted around on the floor to see that they take a very long time to disintegrate. They’re either on the street or they’re in a landfill.

The beauty of switching to a Mr-joy.co.uk electric smoking pen is that no filters are used - you leave behind a much smaller waste. The pens themselves sometimes contain plastic, but they’re reused many times, meaning far fewer e-cigarettes are purchased than ordinary cigarettes in order to facilitate the habit.

Water > Fire

There’s no smoke without fire, and the chemicals that are burnt during a cigarette contribute to air pollution. In fact, some studies have suggested it’s comparable to exhaust car fumes. Of course, these contribute to health problems too, which unnecessarily strain our NHS resources.

On top of this, many forest fires are started because of cigarettes that aren’t disposed of. The fire from a finished cigarette can sometimes be hard to detect, and is certainly contributing to some large-scale fires. But, even if you're sensible with disposing of cigarettes, the consumption alone is a pollutant.


Commercial tobacco farming takes up an extremely large amount of land and resources in order to feed the habits of a billion smokers around the world. The farming practices involved contribute heavily to greenhouse gas emissions. Many trees are cut down in the production of cigarettes.

Furthermore, artificial fertilizers are heavily used along with pesticides, both of which are terrible for the environment.

How to use vape pens the right way

When switching to e-cigarettes, you can also be harming the environment. However, there are some ways to reduce this impact. First and foremost, don’t purchase single-use vape pens. Instead, invest in a good device that will last you a long time.

Additionally, consider how you’re powering your device. Try and steer clear of batteries and stick to ones that are rechargeable. If you have solar panels, these are a green way to charge the pen. If you’re concerned about where your pen is from (i.e. air-shipped from China), then stick to UK-made devices.

Finally, don’t empty your e-liquid into the drain because we’re not yet sure about its effects on our water system - it can also be dangerous to kids and animals too if consumed. So, try and absorb it into sawdust or cat litter and put it into a compostable bag. As for the small bottles the e-liquid comes in (which aren’t good for the environment), try and recycle these the best you can.

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