Dynamo secret tricks reveals

We hope that you’re not expecting a guide on how to do some of Dynamo’s tricks. That would potentially be dangerous given that this is the guy who walks in the air alongside London buses, walks on water and generally takes his life into his own hands. We can reveal a secret or two though.



A lot of the magic that Dynamo does is pulled off because he places the camera or the audience in the right place. If your view is restricted, you often see things differently. Dynamo’s been creating a series of images in which he’s larger than life. For example, there’s one where he’s in the background and some enormous walking boots are in the foreground. The camera angle does most of the trick on that one. It’s the same with another image in which he’s seen sitting with a miniaturised women. Again, it’s all about perspective as she was metres away from him when the image was taken which made her smaller, but the way the image is framed suggests she’s sitting next to him.

London bus

We’re really not sure how the London bus trick that you can see for yourself here is created. That’s a bit special. He’s levitating next to a bus that rides through the city while tourists take photos and videos. There’s nothing obviously suspending him as you can’t see anything attached to the bus. Claims that Dynamo’s people have let him down with sloppy work that reveals his tricks are well wide of the mark with that trick which is right up there with the walking on water trick from a few years back (although we’re not sure about the product placement Dynamo).

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