Drug Faces infograph shocks the web

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Remarkably, the signs drug addiction leaves on the user's body strike as incredibly cruel, and often bring home the message that drugs are dangerous and can leave permanent marks on everyone's lives, the users and those around them.

American website Rehabs.com has created an infographic dramtically titled More Than Meth, Faces of Drug Arrests”: its content lives up to its name, with vivid and graphic images depicting shocking but real consequences of drug addiction, in an effort to show the true effects of prolonged used.

'Faces Of Drug Arrests', indeed, shows with no filters the physical detriments of drug addiction by displaying in a timeline police mugshot of people charged with drug or paraphernalia possession. Shocking but true, these photographs show how these people, often young women, have physically changed over the rough years of their drug use.

Rehabe.com also urges those who can recognise themselves in the mugshot to contact the website in order to discuss possible options of recovery.

A recent study shows that the number of illegal substance users in the US is constantly increasing. Addiction and abuse, whether of legal or illegal substances, bring on a number of physical, emotional and even mental problems which only seldom clear away even after the abuse has stopped.

According to a research about 4.5 million Americans were classified as abusing or dependent on illicit drugs in 2012. In a survey it was also discovered that hundreds of thousands of people had used illegal drugs just in the previous month.

PHOTO GALLERY Drug Faces infograph shocks the web

In a break down of the most used substances, cocaine came first with a total of 1.6 million American who had used it at least once in the previous 30 days, followed by hallucinogens, 1.1 million people, and meth with 300.000. Most of these substances are highly addictive and the slipping from use to addiction may very easy.

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