Dreaming of snakes? Check its meaning

Your dreams have several meanings. If you have been dreaming of snakes, learn its meaning especially if you are bothered about what happened in your sleep. We tell you different dream interpretations across cultures when these creatures pop up in your reverie. Take a look and see if any of these might be the reason you are dreaming of snakes.

What your dreams mean

When dreaming of snakes, their meaning can be interpreted in a number of ways:

  • Fear of something

It is not uncommon for people to be afraid of snakes. Even if someone is shown a picture of a snake, fear creeps in like it is a form of real physical threat. Dreaming of a snake triggers the same response.

  • Sexual context

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis also has his interpretation of snakes appearing in dreams. For him, snakes are phallic symbols. Hence, snakes can signify many things such as a male figure, organ or sexuality. Thus, if you are dreaming of snakes, Freud believes you are frightened of sexual intercourse.

  • Wisdom

In some cultures, particularly Native American and Asian settings, the snake signifies wisdom. Hence, if you have dreamt of snakes, it is generally good news. You might be in the process of self healing or transformation.

  • Intuition

Snakes can also represent your intuition, gut feeling or spiritualism. Hence, dreaming of them can mean you are reaching to your soul or spiritual depths.

  • Setbacks

If you remember the story of Adam and Eve, a snake symbolised temptation. It was a snake which tempted Eve to take a bite from the apple. According to astrology interpretations, dreaming of a snake in this context means you are thinking of a person with whom you have a 'competitive relation.'

Interpreting dreams

Feelings and emotions when you are experiencing the dream play an important role. When dreaming of snakes their meaning can be interpreted in a better way if feelings and emotions are established. Did the snake appear suddenly or was it the main focus of your dream? How did you feel when you saw the snake? Were you afraid or you did not mind it at all? Clearly, there are many ways to interpret the appearance of a snake in your dream and your reaction to it gives a clue of what it means to you.

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